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Welcome Zahlco Residents. 27 Gems In Partnership with Zahlco is excited to offer you exclusive discounts and gifts simply for being a part of the Zahlco family. Choose any service below at one of our two locations and apply your discount code directly at checkout.

Ridgelys Delight- This is our location located near the Inner Harbor in downtown Baltimore at 612 Washington Blvd. This location is more of the Spa vibe if you are looking for a Romantic or relaxing atmosphere. Our boutique also features products made by women in Baltimore.

Canton- Our location in Canton is inside Merritt Athletic Club at 3400 Boston Street. A convenient location if you are closer to the East side of the City. You do not need to be a member of the Athletic Club to book here. Just simply check in at their front desk and they will guide you to our Spa room. Another perk of booking at this location is the access to the Sauna in the Men and Womens locker rooms. Feel free to unwind before or after your treatment with this amazing amenity. 

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